There will always be traditional wedding invitations which are formal invitations for the guests. They are printed by the professional agencies who only offer limited customization based on their production machines and capabilities. But today there are several unique ideas available in the market which can help you prepare unique and surprising invitations for your guests. Every part of the invitation can be made unique with the help of new technologies, paper alternatives, illustrations, and creative designers. Here are some of the new invitation ideas that you can use to invite your loved ones to your wedding.

Creative RSVP cards

You can be creative with the RSVP cards and ask your friends for ideas to design the cards with you. You can draw a champagne glass with yes, no, and maybe written at different levels of the glass, and ask the guests to fill the glass to the top (with a sketch pen) if they are surely coming. You can use speech bubbles and your cartoon figures to write the messages.


Handkerchief invitation

You can send well-scented kerchiefs to your guests with wedding invitation printed on them. Ask them to bring their kerchiefs with them on the day of the wedding to wipe their tears of joy with the same. It is a creative invitation which is also practical.

Local wildlife illustrations

If you are planning and destination wedding or an outdoor wedding in the woods, you can include the illustrations of the wildlife species that are found in the area. It can be an informative and creative way of inviting your guests.

Geometrical grafts

You can include invitation can info cards made of various shapes and textures. Try to keep the items of the envelope according to the size of it and make sure that the postal regulations are followed. You can fill the envelope with as many crafted hearts as you want.

Laser-cut paper

This is another new idea that is leaving the couples mesmerised by how good and accurate the cutting can be. You can use the laser cut custom invitations which can bring a smile on anyone’s face because of its creative design and finishing.

creative design and finishing.

Create a timeline invitation

When you’re searching for wedding invitations in Ireland, you can include your journey as a couple so far to let your guests know how much this day means to you. Write your interesting love story followed by invitation requesting their presence on your big day.

Wedding passport

For a destination wedding, you can include a crafted passport which includes all the info about the accommodation, activities, nearby sites, and food for the guests. Keep this special passport in the envelope along with your invitation.

Wooden invitations

Try out the lightweight wood carved invitations if you have a small crowd and they live nearby. Surprise them with a neatly designed engraved invitations made with credit card-sized wood. This will add up a different taste to your wedding with solid invitation cards.